We like to keep things simple for you with webhosting.

First of all you would like your own domain. Like example.com. We can register your domain form you within one hour. We can register also almost all domain extensions. Like the .solutions domain.







If you have a domain you need a place for your domain. We make sure that your domain is hosted at a state of the art data center with lightning speed. We use only data centers with SSD (Solid state harddisks)


For the place of your domain (the hosting) there are tree options.

Option 1 Registering your domain. www.yourname.be including email hosting and room for a static webpage. You can upload your own webpage but you can not change it on the spot. You will have to upload new content trough a FTP programme like FileZilla.

prices : Hosting your domain is about 12 euros per year depending on the extension. (.com, .be etc) There will be multiple backups a day of your data.

webdesignOption 2 Your own domain email as in option one but with a flexible wordpress site which you can change whenever you want without hassle.

The standard templates suit most people well to have a good professional look and feel. This also includes a blog. We even include a training on how to bind your clients to the website with a mailing list.  Price is 7 euro per month.

Option 3 is like option one and or two but with a professional webdesign.  Prices start at 250 euros depending on the design and added wishes.


Examples of hosted websites.