Fix network discovery in Windows 10

If you have sharing enabled and network discovery in not working good yet. Check if the following services are running.

Type sevices in the search bar right of the home button. or right click on start button -> Control panel -> Administrative tools -> Services

DNS Client must be running

Function discovery resource publication

SSDP discovery

UPnP service


Double click service for to make sure it always turns on



Dangers of the pokemon go backdoor.

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game where you can capture “real” pokemons in your surroundings linked to google maps and virtual reality trough your camera app.


This post is not about warnings of playing pokemon Go. Even though there are some sincere and justified safety warnings about it (injuries, car crashes). In my opinion it is also an excellent excuse for a burglar that he was just looking for pokemon while walking on your property.

It became so intensely popular that everybody wants it on a smartphone asap even when the official app is not yet available in there country yet. And this is the problem which I would like to highlight.

Iphone users are pretty safe for malicious software. Most people make another apple id for the US, Australia, New Zealand or from Germany and then install it.

Android users however are advised to install the .apk from doubtful recourses. This is called side loading.  There are versions of the apk (android install file) with a back door. It means that people with bad intentions can get full access to your phone. Most people who play the infected game do not notice a thing.

You can see if you have the infected version because of the permissions the game is asking from you. To see if you have the false version check the app permissions and see if it asks for: Record audio, Modify your contacts, Change network connectivity, view wifi connections and retrieve running apps.

More details, screenshots of the permissions and the hash of the good and the infected apk you can find on our website here.

Thanks to proofpoint for details.

Hope that you will share this with your network to limit a possible security threat of a relatively innocent game and prevent it from becoming a living nightmare.


Check the SHA256 hash of the downloaded APK. The legitimate application Good hash 8bf2b0865bef06906cd854492dece202482c04ce9c5e881e02d2b6235661ab67, although it is possible that there are updated versions already released. Malicious APK that we analyzed has a SHA256 hash of 15db22fd7d961f4d4bd96052024d353b3ff4bd135835d2644d94d74c925af3c4

Seven reasons why someone would want to hack your computer.



People constantly ask me: Why would someone want to hack my PC? I only use email and am careful with online banking. Why would they be interested in hacking my computer? There is nothing of interest on my computer.

Well, think again!

In this post I will give you seven reasons why someone could be interested in hacking your PC. I will not go into details here, but I will post in this blog and on the website some follow-up reading about different hacking methods and preventive measures in the coming weeks.

credit-card1. Financial access. Obtaining credit card and bank numbers are the first items of interest that come to mind when we think of hacking. This is certainly a potential goal for the hackers.




2. Hosting a website.  Since your computer is connected to the internet, it can function as a web server. This means that someone can use your local computer to host their websites via the internet. Examples of such websites are Malware download sites, phishing websites, Spam websites and websites with illegal content. If this happens, it would seem as if you are the content provider.


3. Email harvesting. Email addresses  stored on your computer have value. They can be sold for phishing and spam attacks. Webmail hacking is also popular nowadays. Hackers can compromise a webmail account and try to get into other accounts using your email address. They will do a password reset and will direct the new code or a password to the hacked webmail account. Another popular misuse is sending an email to all your contacts saying that you need help and asking them to send money. See an example here. Hackers are also known to secretly read your emails and pretend they are you when they know you are abroad or not available/reachable.


4. Zombie computer. Your computer can start functioning on its own. It can be part of a coordinated attack on a server, a so-called Ddos attack.  A lot of these zombie computers try to generate and overload internet traffic on a server. As a result the webpages on the server become unavailable because it cannot cope with the traffic. Hackers can also use your computer as a proxy server so that the traffic generated by the hacker goes through your computer. This way, anything he/she does to other computers seems to come from your computer. Creating a spam zombie is also common practice.



5. Login credentials and reputation misuse. If you have a good online reputation, for example on eBay, then your account has value. Your security certificates, stored on your local computer used for logging into your workplace, are also of great interest.





6. Licence keys and virtual goods. Hackers can want to copy the licence keys imbedded in your software and sell them. Most underestimated, but most sought after, are the passwords for online games. Hackers aim to get access to those characters in which the gamer has invested a lot of time and money. This is a million dollar market.


webcam-computer7. Hostage attacks. So called hostage attacks are becoming more and more common. You have documents and pictures on your hard disk that are of great importance to you. Hackers can encrypt those files, which ten become inaccessible to you unless you pay to get the key to access those files again. If you don’t have a good PC back-up, then you have a real problem. Be aware that Dropbox or Google drive are not the best solutions to prevent hostage attacks They automatically synchronise files,which will get encrypted as well, and can spread to other computers.

Another type a hostage attack is the fake anti-virus scam. You are warned that you have a virus (and you really do), but the hackers offer to sell you a licence key for their fake anti-virus programme. Obviously, your computer is still infected with the fake anti-virus virus.

keyEmail lockout is one more example of a hostage attack. If a hacker resets the password of your email account you can be locked out. If you are willing to pay, the hacker will provide you with the new password.



And as a bonus – webcam extortion. If a hacker takes over your computer, he/she also takes over your webcam. Everything that the webcam can see can be used against you.

Congratulations. You made it to the end. I hope you found this post informative. Please add your comments below.

6 ways to spot skimming. And how not to fall for it when you are abroad.



One of the most successful tools to get to your money is to use a skimmer.   Criminals attach them to movie theater machines, cash machines and anywhere where you need to swipe your card in.

Because people are extra venerable when the are on vacation and because they do tot know how the cash machine should look like they are at risk. I made this post to prevent you from falling for the most lucrative scam in the world.

The purpose of the skimming is to clone your card and to get your pincode by recording it with a camera or using a fake keypad.

Here are 7 ways to spot a skimming operation and tips how to protect your information

Check for tampering. Is anything on the cash machine crooked or not well aligned. Are there any glue remains? Walk away.

Check if nothing is lose. Try to wiggle everything.

Check if all the parts match in styling, material and color. Skimmers are known to use a large fitting mold that fits over a big part or in some cases all over the machine. Please take note that the green cap is actually a fake card reader that is placed over the original card reader. This is all they need to copy your card.

Check for a small camera. They need to get your pincode otherwise the skim is useless. Check at the top of the machine for strange bumps or for strange holes.

cashmachine camera

Always assume that someone is watching your. Shield your pin. This is the easiest and best way to protect yourself and it should be something you should always do.

pin shielding (1)

Check if the keypad looks and feels normal. Try to see if there is a fake overlay. This is the second option to get your pincode and gaining popularity quickly. Criminals know that people are more aware of cameras and are trying new technologies to outsmart you.


One extra tip. We did a test recently with a heat camera. We typed the pincode in and check with a heat camera to see which buttons were pressed. It worked flawlessly. Be aware and alert of these kind of things.

heat camera

Can you guess what pincode it is?

4158 The first button cools of the most so is less visible.

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