6 ways to spot skimming. And how not to fall for it when you are abroad.


One of the most successful tools to get to your money is to use a skimmer.   Criminals attach them to movie theater machines, cash machines and anywhere where you need to swipe your card in.

Because people are extra venerable when the are on vacation and because they do tot know how the cash machine should look like they are at risk. I made this post to prevent you from falling for the most lucrative scam in the world.

The purpose of the skimming is to clone your card and to get your pincode by recording it with a camera or using a fake keypad.

Here are 7 ways to spot a skimming operation and tips how to protect your information

Check for tampering. Is anything on the cash machine crooked or not well aligned. Are there any glue remains? Walk away.

Check if nothing is lose. Try to wiggle everything.

Check if all the parts match in styling, material and color. Skimmers are known to use a large fitting mold that fits over a big part or in some cases all over the machine. Please take note that the green cap is actually a fake card reader that is placed over the original card reader. This is all they need to copy your card.

Check for a small camera. They need to get your pincode otherwise the skim is useless. Check at the top of the machine for strange bumps or for strange holes.

cashmachine camera

Always assume that someone is watching your. Shield your pin. This is the easiest and best way to protect yourself and it should be something you should always do.

pin shielding (1)

Check if the keypad looks and feels normal. Try to see if there is a fake overlay. This is the second option to get your pincode and gaining popularity quickly. Criminals know that people are more aware of cameras and are trying new technologies to outsmart you.


One extra tip. We did a test recently with a heat camera. We typed the pincode in and check with a heat camera to see which buttons were pressed. It worked flawlessly. Be aware and alert of these kind of things.

heat camera

Can you guess what pincode it is?

4158 The first button cools of the most so is less visible.

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