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When you have a passion for everything that has to do with internet technology and computers you have the tendency to be a bit close minded concerning how a user should deal with it. “This is how you should use the application” or “this is how you should adapt to the system” these are very common sayings in the IT world.

Unfortunately this is the general attitude of many IT companies towards user questions.

We are different. Due to our experience in different production and services companies and our structural way of thinking we will make the IT work for you and not the other way around. The IT should adapt to you.

frustrating system

Does you system frustrate you? Do you have lack of vision how to grow to a reliable and fast paced electronic future? Are you sure that your system is secure and nobody is listening in?

Here is where we can help.

Let us do what we do best so that you can be efficient and professional in the things you actually like to do. Lets work as a team.

Contact us and ask us for our vision and let us take your IT worries and frustrations away.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@pcteam.be or call +32 484 129 577.

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Services we offer.

Webhosting and setting up your website. See our three options here.shutterstock_256864015

Transitions from Windows to Mac (and visa versa)transition

Backup systems


Data recovery


PC and Mac repair


Making your system running smooth like when you first bought it.


Security checks and optimisation of your defence.shutterstock_377042722

In-house training in software and security for yourself or your co workers.training

Programming and IT lessons for kids in primary and secondary school www.progvk.beshutterstock_300498662-2

Let your IT work for you and not the other way around.